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We received this more than generous review from one of our customers:


Thank you for your very prompt reply to my January 10 email regarding download problems. As instructed, I tried later that evening, and downloaded without a problem.

I have just registered WriteWay Pro, and must tell you how impressed I am with this program. As soon as I installed WriteWay Pro and began navigating around the program, my first response was, "Wow!" I own several types of programs for writers, and while some have been user friendly and pretty thorough, none of them have ALL the features a novelist would need. I still had to convert what I saved to a more useable format (even IF the software had word processing capabilities), and NONE had the resources I really wanted, like plot, character, dialogue and other essential files for EVERY act, chapter and scene. Also, I am amazed how a program can be so beautifully designed as to prompt the writer for every bit of vital information necessary without the feeling of lengthy interrogation popular with other programs. At last, the freedom to build scenes and character, outline plots and dig deeper into the story while writing the story! Incredible. I can't tell you how wonderful it is to pause in the middle of a scene because it suddenly occurs to me how to complete a perplexing portion of an earlier scene -- or because I suddenly realize how to tie two future scenes together -- with the click of a mouse, and then I'm back at it without a problem.

While other programs have notecard features, none are as easy to use as WriteWay's. And, I'd be leaving out a vital feature if I didn't mention how overwhelmed I am at finally having my research materials in ONE PLACE, within the program, neatly filed away and available to review or add to spontaneously. No more digging through My Documents and opening up Word docs or PDFs to find what I'm looking for. THANK YOU!

I've only been using WriteWay Pro for a week now, and even after transferring all of my novel's data from various sources to the proper places in the program, and setting up necessary templates, I can honestly say I've gotten more done in mere days with WriteWay Pro than in weeks of slogging through with other programs. Other software simplified the process, but none as thoroughly and efficiently as WriteWay Pro. It's truly the only writer's software I've found that leaves nothing out while not burdening the writer, gives me room to think and flesh out vital components without making me obsess with them before continuing, and puts all the tools within easy reach.

I can honestly say that, with the WriteWay Pro program, I am never left with the feeling of "it needs this" or "if only I could." I never thought I'd say this about ANY software product, but WriteWay Pro is absolutely perfect.

In closing, I have to say that I stumbled upon WriteWay Pro by typing "novelist software" in the search field, hoping to find something better than simply "writer's software" which usually yielded a wide variety of programs designed for screenwriters, but nothing that was specifically designed for novelists. I'm very glad I "stumbled upon" WriteWay Pro, and hope more writers come across this excellent program!

Very Sincerely,

Douglas C. (licensed user)

. . . And a later p.s.

The Preview Book feature is a very nice touch! It's very cool to be able to review Composition, Notes and Outline with a click, and the Composition Options are MOST welcome! Draft, Manuscript AND Galley Proofs; you really did think of everything (with due credit to you wife, of course!).

This truly is an amazing program. Congratulations on one heck of a fine product!