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About Us

You've probably heard it said that "necessity is the mother of invention." Well, that was certainly the case with WriteWay and the website you are visiting today. You see, my wife is a writer, and it always amazed me to watch the amount of preparation and work that went into each of her novels. What amazed me even more was the sheer volume of information she collected and/or created throughout the process of bringing a story idea from basic kernel to fruition.

She progressed through the plotting and writing of each book, armed with a box of pens and an arsenal of spiral notepads, loose leaf paper, sticky notes, index cards--you name it. "How can you keep track of all of that stuff?" I would ask her as the folders and binders began to bulge. "How do you know what you've got and where to find it when you need it?" Her answer was often a frustrated look that said it all.

So, it seemed pretty clear to me that we had necessity. Having more than twenty years' experience in software and systems design, I thought I could help, but I needed to know exactly what would make my wife's job--any writer's job--easier. She walked me through all the different forms and documents that she created and used and then gave me an extensive wish list of all the features she would want in a software package. Her writer friends gave me their ideas, too. All of those things and more ended up in the final version of WriteWay Professional.

As soon as my wife began using the program, she urged me to turn it into a saleable product and bring it to the market via internet sales. Our aim was to deliver a quality product, with robust features not found in most other writing software programs. It had to be easy enough for the novice writer, yet feature-rich enough for the most seasoned pro. Most of all, it had to be affordable enough that anyone could use it. We think we've accomplished all our objectives, and we hope you will agree once you download and take the WriteWay Demo for a free test drive.

Until then, thank you for your interest in WriteWay. We wish you all the best with your writing endeavors and we hope you'll let us know what you think of the product.

John Haack
WriteWayPro, LLC

P.S. If you'd like to visit my NYT Best Selling wife's website, you can find her at